(Learning, Enriching, Achieving, Preparing)

LEAP is a Community Literacy Centers-sponsored program. LEAP focuses on literacy issues by providing on-site training to individuals, through cooperative partnerships, with Oklahoma City area businesses and non-profit agencies. They may include drug and alcohol recovery centers, DHS-sponsored programs, workplace programs, etc. The LEAP program is site-specific.

LEAP is specifically designed to meet the needs of partner agencies and their clients. LEAP is the critical link in the chain that enables the individual to learn in a familiar environment as they work towards the initial goals set with their home agency.

All LEAP activities are taught by professional educators and supervised by CLC’s education program coordinator. This ensures accountability for the educational outcome and evaluation of all LEAP students. We train our instructors in phonics-based activities scientifically proven to work with struggling learners.

At Educare, we have two classes available for our students. We have an English as a Second Language and a Basic skills class. Most of the students who attend these classes have children who are attending Educare. This provides a wonderful opportunity to learn while their children are also learning.

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Tutor Training

CLC offers a workshop for volunteers who wish to tutor adults. The program opens with an orientation the first Monday evening of the workshop and continues each Monday evening until completion. Tutors are given an understanding of adult students’ needs and the necessary tools to become excellent tutors.