7:00 PM to 11:00 pm

$5,000 – PLATNUM

  • Tickets for ten for the event
  • Prominent logo recognition on invitation, event, porgram, website, marketing materials and event signage
  • 30th Anniversary Bottle of Wine

$2,500 – GOLD

  • Tickets for eight for the event
  • Prominent logo recognition on invitation, event program, website, marketing materials, and event signage

$1,000 – SILVER          

  • Tickets for four for the event
  • Recognition on invitation, event program, website, and event signage

$500 – PEARL

  • Tickets for four for the event
  • Recognition on event program, website, and event signage 






Mark your calendars for Literacy Live at Twilight!

We hope you’ll consider joining us as a sponsor in support of literacy for adults in our city. In the Oklahoma City area, more than 140,000 adults are considered functionally illiterate. The consequences of not being able to read on their lives and our city are intertwined. Community Literacy Centers (CLC) is the answer for many of them.

Literacy Live at Twilight gives us the opportunity to bring the cause and the results of illiteracy into focus on this special day. It is an event that increases community awareness and provides remarkable examples of success for individuals who are learning to read after years of self-esteem issues and frustration. Literacy Live raises critical dollars that enable us to provide reading classes, instructors and support for our work in the community.

Community Literacy Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We strive to be a light for adults of all ages who want to help themselves by learning to read and write. Since we began in 1987, we have served more than 38,000 in our community. We currently hold 20 adult classes in 16 partner locations including schools, churches, other non-profits and more. Won’t you team up with us to bring the positive impact of literacy to life on April 27th? We’re counting on you. 

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